Shun Sora 3-Piece Build Set Includes 8-Inch Chef's, Combination Honing Steel and 6-Slot Slimline Room for a Growing Knife Collection Block is Bamboo with No Assembly Required, Silver


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This is the place to start your Shun Sora collection: The Sora chef's knife. Of course you know it's the essential kitchen knife. But what you might not know is that since the Sora line features traditional Japanese blade and handle shapes, in Japan, the Sora chef's knife would be called a Gyuto. It's used for all the same purposes as a chef's knife—all-around food preparation. But the Sora chef's has less curve than a western chef's knife, which means it contacts the cutting board along more of its length, so more food is cut per slice. The Sora has a gentle roll off the tip compared to the large roll of a western style knife, so the Sora needs to be lifted less, making cutting more efficient. Once you try the Sora chef's knife, you'll wonder what you ever did without it.