WellnessMats FitnessMat - Comfort & Support - Black


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WellnessMats FitnessMats are the ultimate workout tool for comfort, support, cleanliness and durability. With their 100% polyurethane construction, FitnessMats are uniquely comfortable and suspend the body weight, reducing impact on joints during exercise. We are the leaders in supporting “A Healthy Way of Life” while never compromising the integrity and values of your fitness routine.



  • Non-slip top and bottom surfaces and gradual edges will never curl, delaminate, compress or wear.
  • 100% Made in the USA with an industry leading 7-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Extended life cycle and recyclable material made of 3/4" advanced poyurethane technology and 99.99% anti-microbial by design.
  • Safe, non-toxic and odor free mat offers exceptional comfort and support and is puncture, tear, heat, abrasion and stain resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge.