Shun Sora 9-inch Bread Knife with Traditional Japanese-Style Handle and Proprietary Composite Blade Technology; Serrated Edge


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No kitchen is complete without a quality bread knife and after using the Shun Sora 9-in. Bread Knife, no other knife will do. With innovative, low frequency serrations, the blade smoothly and gently glides through the sturdiest crusts and gently cuts the delicate interior of bread loaves for perfect slices every time. While other knives have jagged, teeth-like, serrated edges, Shun Sora Bread Knife’s wider and slightly wavy serrations for smoother, easier cutting. The single-bevel blade is hand-sharpened at a 16-degree angle for a wicked-sharp edge that lasts a long time. The blade uses Shun’s proprietary Composite Blade technology to combine a VG10 san mai cutting core with a Japanese 420J blade upper. The steel is laser cut and braze welded together in an interlocking pattern resembling the hamon lines of traditional Japanese swords. The handle is made of a textured PP/TPE polymer blend, making it comfortable to hold, easy to control and maintenance-free.

  • The wide, low frequency serrations set Shun Sora Bread Knife apart from the rest, allowing easy, smooth cutting to slice anything from tough crusts to delicate pastries
  • Sora uses Shun's proprietary Composite Blade technology to bring together a VG10 cutting edge with a Japanese 420J stainless steel blade upper. This technology puts high-performance material on the cutting edge; sharpened to a 16-degree cutting angle each side
  • Because the serrations are angled front and back, the Shun Sora Bread Knife offers even cutting power on both forward and backwards strokes, making the knife easy and enjoyable to use with fewer cutting motions needed
  • The handle is designed with comfort and efficiency in mind; PP/TPE polymer blend provides a lightweight, easily controlled, durable handle; hassle-free washing and easy care
  • Shun kitchen knives make a thoughtful gift for any husband, wife, cook, entertainer, host; give the effective, beautiful gift of a Shun Sora 9-inch Bread Knife