Romertopf Modern Series Natural Glazed Clay Cooker, 3.1-Quart

Reston Lloyd

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The new "Modern" series, was created with simplicity in mind. Crafting the traditional quality clay roaster while decorated with a fresh wave of stylized lines. Approximate dimensions is 13.75“L x 8.8“W x 6.5“H. The Römertopf revives old cooking traditions while at the same time possessing a number of thoroughly modern advantages. This ideal roaster is unlike most cookware because of its natural high quality clay from Germany, which will help retain vitamins and minerals in your dishes. Cooking in Römertopf® not only save nutrients but save time as well, as the baker will not need your attention while it cooks your meal to perfection. This German made Römertopf® comes with a all natural glass frit glazed bottom (not a non-stick coating) which will allow for easy and quick clean up. The unglazed top has very fine pores to absorb water and when put in the oven will create a gentle layer of steam to develop inside the Römertopf® for succulent and juicy results.


  • Clay baker handcrafted in Germany designed for making moist, delicious roasts, braises and breads
  • Soak the top before use, the lid will absorb water to create a blanket of steam inside and out; natural flavors are intensified
  • Features side handles; glazed bottom makes clean up easy
  • Holds 3.1 quarts; and up to5.5 lbs.; serves 2-4 people; measures 13.75" x 8.8" x 6.5"
  • Dishwasher safe;oven safe; microwave safe
  • Holds 3 Quarts (Serves 4-6 people)
  • Cooks in its own juices; additional fats, oils or liquids are hardly necessary
  • Vitamins and minerals are retained
  • nothing can burn, oven stays clean
  • natural flavors are intensified