Rolser COM 8 MF Red 14 Gallon Shopping Trolley


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Product Description:

Easily carry your groceries with this shopping trolley from Rolser. Made from polyester, this red bag is strong enough to hold heavy items like gallons of water or milk. The aluminum frame is strong enough for daily use, yet light enough not to add on any more weight to your grocery load. One of the most appealing features of this trolley is that it folds. It creates a simple storage solution that allows you to put it anywhere, from behind furniture to between appliances. This trolley has two wheels that are removable, perfect for storing in tight spaces. A double pocket on the inside of the bag can help you carry items like candies, flavor packets, or other small objects. Use this shopping trolley for trips to the grocery store, crafts supply store, or moving objects to a friend's place for a relaxing dinner.


  • Red 100% polyester bag with aluminum frame
  • Two removable wheels and support base
  • Foldable for storage
  • Double inner pocket
  • Comfortable handle