Rolser COM 8 Aqua 14 Gallon Soft Shopping Trolley


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Product Description:

Grocery shopping has never been simpler than with this shopping trolley from Rosler. This blue bag has a soft touch material that is strong and durable. It has an aluminum frame so it's lightweight and easy to carry. When you're all done with your shopping, you can easily store this trolley anywhere. It is foldable and the wheels come off so it can easily fit behind any furniture. The inside has a double pocket to help you store items that can get lost in the bag. Use this shopping trolley for trips to the grocery store, crafts supply store, or moving objects to a friend's place for a relaxing dinner.


  • Aqua 100% soft touch bag with aluminum frame
  • Two removable wheels and support base
  • Foldable for storage
  • Double inner pocket
  • Comfortable handle