Peugeot Saveurs 250393 Paris Bouquet Box of 6 Champagne Flutes, Transparent


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  • Crystal clear glass, mechanical manufacturing process (resistance, regularity)
  • Champagne glass is a synthesis of the high flower, convention of table arts and the "Paris" shape of red and white wine glasses. Thus, the extension of the chalice allows both an optimal view of the rise of the bubble and a lesser glow of the same bubble when tasting. The flare of the parquet and the slight narrowing of the fireplace allows for a better mechanic on the opening of the champagne wine and on the capture of the aromas.
  • The Paris line - a personality, a formal identity. Territory, state of mind, shapes, materials, sublimation, colour universe, product name semantic.
  • Cardboard case sold in pairs.
  • 2-year warranty