Peugeot Saveurs 230302 Paris Bouquet Mouth Blown Glass Carafe with Base 75 cl, Transparent


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  • Sodocalcium jug made from mouth blown
  • Unblocking a bottle of wine is not enough to breathe it: the surface of the wine that comes into contact with oxygen is too small to make a difference. To let the wine "breathe", the carafage is set. A young wine needs maximum oxygenation. To oxygenate a young wine, you need a jug with a very flared base and a wide neck to have the largest possible area of exchange between air and wine. The clear, colourless and smooth glass is the one that allows you to enjoy the colour and opacity of the wine.
  • The Paris line - a personality, a formal identity. Territory, state of mind, shapes, materials, sublimation, colorful universe, semantic product names.
  • Cardboard case
  • 2-year warranty