Peugeot 60206 Appolia Baking Dish, Square, 21cm - 6.5in.


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  • Ceramic from Peugeot, the noble material 'par excellence', guarantees gentle, homogeneous cooking.
  • HOT FOR 30 MINUTES - The quality of the ceramic allows you to keep dishes warm on the table for up to half an hour after cooking in the oven.
  • Can be placed directly from the freezer into a pre-heated oven without risk of thermal shock (-25° to 250°C)
  • The abrasion resistant enamel coating allows for easy cleaning.
  • Versatile applications: oven, microwave, freezer. Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


A colour of surprising depth. The Peugeot cooking ceramic offers countless advantages. Its thick, smooth base allows for even cooking inside. It requires little fat when cooking and therefore stands for a healthy and at the same time tasty diet. Due to the quality of the enamel, it will not scratch or stain. The robust ceramic provides excellent shock and heat resistance (from -20 to 2350 °C). With its 25 cm rectangular shape and blue colour, the Peugeot Appolia casserole dish invites you to a creative kitchen, joy for two and time for enjoyment. Due to the quality of their composition, Peugeot ceramics preserves the heat of your dishes up to 30 minutes after cooking in the oven. Due to the wide, ribbed handles, the handy and safe shape is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher.