Peugeot 50108 Paris Bistro, Steak Knife, 11cm / 3 1/3-inch, Black


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  • Made in France. All-purpose cutlery range that will meet the requirement of everyday cooking
  • High performance nitrox steel. Exclusive nitrox steel with an unprecedented resistance to corrosion
  • Steel hardness of 55 HRC- practical for daily use and maintenance. Cutting edge of 28° for great versatility and precision
  • Perfect balance laser-cut blades have a perfect balance in the palm of the beholder
  • Ergonomic handle. Inspired by the iconic Paris line that gives the Bistro knives a comfortable and secure grip. ABS ergonomic handle for great maneuverability and easy maintenance.



Peugeot Paris Bistro knives are produced entirely in France, in Thiers - the heart of French cutlery. These knives cut with ease and precision and are designed ergonomically. Their exclusive nitrox r-steel blades contain 16% chromium for unprecedented resistance to corrosion. Inspired by its expertise in manufacturing mills and mechanisms that are specific for each spice, Peugeot now focuses on the function of the knives. The hardness of Paris Bistro blades ranges are 55 HRC. They have a wedge angle of 28 degrees and cutting angle of 14 degrees. Extreme hardness does not necessarily mean performance and suitability for a task. A hardness of 55 hcr allows easier re-sharpening for knives that are used frequently.