Peugeot 30391 Molene Grey “Wet” Salt Mill, 5-1/2" White. Ceramic mechanism


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  • MADE IN FRANCE. A specially designed mill for wet sea salt
  • Continuous, consistent and high volume output with an anti-clogging spiral system
  • Ultra-durable ceramic mechanism with lifetime warranty will not corrode
  • Unprecedented ease in grinding coarse wet salt
  • Exclusive patented design will not wear out. Fully adjustable from powder fine to coarse


Advantage of Freshly Ground Spices

There are many benefits to freshly grinding pepper, salt, herbs and spices for cooking and seasoning. A quality mill with a specifically designed grinding mechanism will release the aromas and essential oils of that spice. Freshly ground pepper and spices have more aroma and better flavor than pre- ground. Another advantage of using freshly ground spices or minerals (salts) is the control a mill provides for determining the coarseness (size) of a grind. A high quality pepper, salt or spice mill gives you the ability to choose and change the coarseness according to taste or necessity.

How to Choose a Good Mill

When looking for a pepper, salt or spice grinder, consider the following:

Grinding mechanism: Choose a grinding mechanism that can withstand daily use: one that is well made and produces a consistent grind. Ideally, the grinding mechanism should be designed to handle a specific spice, as each spice has different physical characteristics that will benefit from different design features.

Design and appearance: Whether it's traditional or modern, manual or electric, a mill can be an indispensable tool in your kitchen and a beautiful part of table d�cor.

Ease of Use: A quality mill should be easy to adjust, easy to fill, and feel comfortable in the hand.