Peugeot 245078 Clef du Vin"Travel" Wine Tool


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  • A patented metal alloy, the Clef du Vin is a calibrated instrument that reveals a wine's aging potential
  • It works effectively on all types of wines: whites, sparkling, rose, reds and naturally sweet wines
  • Each second the alloy disk is in contact with the wine will mimic one year's ageing: the effect is cumulative and irreversible
  • Perfect for wine collectors, oenophiles and those who just enjoy wine
  • 2 year warranty from the date of purchase



The Clef du Vin enables you to instantly reveal the qualities of a wine. 1 Travel size and 1 Service size Cles du vin. It works effectively on all types of wine: white sparkling, rose, red and naturally sweet wine With the Clef du Vin, you can adjust the balance of a wine to your personal taste and enjoy it straight away. Accurately gauge how your wines will develop so that you can manage your wine cellar efficiently.