Peugeot 230265 Asarine Decanter and Funnel Set


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  • Use the wider, outer decanting funnel chamber to maximize contact between young red wines and air
  • The broad shoulders and wide belly facilitate greater contact between the wine and the air; enhancing breathing
  • The sharper angles of the carafe encourage oxygenation when wine is swirled
  • The pronounced punt allows more light into the carafe to reveal color better
  • The narrow contact surface prevents excessive thermal transfer, protecting wine that has been resting at its proper temperature

Peugeot Asarine decanter and funnel set features a glass decanter with a removable drip ring and a unique, polycarbonate, dual function funnel. Designed especially for young, acidic wines. Use the outer funnel for young reds to maximize contact between wine and air to enhance breathing and aromas of wine. Suitable for a 750ml/26 ounce bottle of wine.