Peugeot 210076 Replacement Champagne Stopper for Double Action Pump


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  • One replacement champagne stopper is intended for use with Peugeot's double action pump
  • Stopper allows air to be pumped into the bottle (via the Double Action Pump)
  • Re-pressurizing preserves the bubbles in unconsumed Champagne or sparkling wine
  • Double action pump sold separately




For more than a century, the Peugeot name has been synonymous with French gourmet cooking. Recently, an opportunity arose for Peugeot to bring its penchant for quality and innovation to a family of wine and beverage products. Since then, Peugeot has offered a wide range of corkscrews, specialized decanters, tasting glasses and service accessories to aficionados worldwide. Peugeot's Replacement Champagne Stopper is intended for use with a Peugeot double action pump. It is perfect for storing leftover champagne after the bottle has been opened.