Peugeot 200602 Souverain Two Wing Corkscrew Wine Opener Natural


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  • New Patented system for higher performance in less time:
  • Easy process: simply position the corkscrew on the bottle and turn the knob clockwise without lifting the wings
  • More control: no need to hold the bottle during the process. Designed to perfectly hold the corkscrew on the bottleneck
  • Safe removal of the cork after extraction: it falls off the worm without having to use your Hands
  • The corkscrew grips the bottle so it won't slip; turning the screw mechanism to extract the cork is so much easier. Cork is safely ejected



Peugeot's First Two-wing Corkscrew. Pure, elegant design, perfect ergonomics, easy to use. Works well with all cork types. Features a bottle opener. How To Use SOUVERAIN: Hold the wings down and insert the sharp worm all the way in the cork by turning the head clockwise. Raise wings until you hear a "click". Then fold the wings down again and voila! Turn the knob counterclockwise and then push down to release the cork.