Peugeot 200565 Barrel Infinity, Walnut Wood Corkscrew Wine Opener


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  • New Patented system to remove the cork from the worm
  • Effortless, infinity system to remove the cork from the bottle: keep turning clockwise until the cork is extracted
  • Corkscrew's body is made of Walnut wood and sourced from European pefc-certified forests and turned with meticulous craftsmanship in our French workshop
  • Zamak handle
  • Two-year warranty
New Infinity Wood Corkscrews. Made In France. The Peugeot Vigne & Barrel corkscrews can open any bottle at a single stroke - and then eject the cork just as easily, thanks to our patented system. 3 Easy Steps To Opening A Wine Bottle! 1.Turn clockwise to insert the worm in the cork until it is completely released from the bottle. 2.After the cork is extracted from the bottle, turn the corkscrew's handle counterclockwise to release the cork from the worm. The worm will now be outside of the corkscrew. 3.NEW Concept: Pull on the base of the corkscrew and the cork will naturally come out of the wooden body.