Peugeot 200510 Baltaz Dark Lever Corkscrew/Wine Bottle Opener, Black


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  • Constructed of strong, yet lightweight synthetic materials. Thoughtfully designed, ergonomic feel
  • Traditional lever corkscrew Fits all bottle necks and works well with all types of corks. Includes a foil cutter
  • A highly durable, metal system with a lightweight structure
  • Uncorks a bottle effortlessly in a few seconds
  • 2 year warranty



Thoughtful design, coupled with classic lever-corkscrew features, create an ergonomic tool that works well with all cork types. Made of highly-durable synthetic material, durable and lightweight, balatas dark plays off Peugeot bestselling corkscrews balatas basalt and balatas Black. With a perfectly ergonomic design, the balatas offers a smooth extraction with every use, and with every cork type. Once the cork is extracted, removing it from the spiral/worm is absolute simplicity in one easy step. Balatas Black comes with a useful foil-cutter, combining sturdy synthetic body with metal accents and metal blades.