Oliso 60001000 SmartTop and SmartHub Induction Cooktop Sous Vide Cooking System, 11 Quart Capacity


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The Oliso SmartHub is a powerful induction burner that can plug into any power outlet and instantly give you the capabilities of a kitchen range. What makes it revolutionary is the gold plated contact module that allows various SmartTops to dock with the SmartHub so that the two recognize each other and communicate seamlessly within 0.1 degree accuracy without the need for batteries or recharging. The first Oliso SmartTop, the low ­temperature Precision SmartTop is designed to heat liquid to a precise temperature and keep it there. This allows you to cook sous vide with bags in the traditional manner and allows for precision techniques directly in the bath, making it far more versatile than any other temperature controlled cooker.

  • INDUCTION SMARTHUB BASE - Uses induction cooking, directing heat right into the cookware for even cooking; great for searing your sous vide beef, poultry, fish or pork
  • REMOVABLE SMARTTOP WATER BATH - SmartTop 11 quart water bath is insulated for consistent temperature; perfect for sous vide, poaching, slow cooking and for steaming vegetables, soups & stocks, ice cream, yogurt, cheeses and brewing beer
  • ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION - Induction SmartHub communicates seamlessly with the SmartTop 11 quart water bath and the temperature control is accurate within one-half degree, ensuring high precision cooking
  • EXTREMELY FAST HEATING - Boasts 1500 watts of power so you can easily go from simmer to boil and maintain consistent temperatures up to 550°F (288°C)
  • DIGITAL LCD TOUCH CONTROL PANEL - Easy to read and program with ten adjustable power levels, temperature control, and countdown timer for up to 100 hours of cooking
  • INCULDES - 1 SmartHub cooktop and 1 SmartTop 11 quart water bath; 1 year manufacturer limited warranty