Nambé Boon Kettle


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The bold shape of the Boon Kettle is a wonderful addition to your stovetop. Its stainless steel design features a wooden handle that stays cool to the touch and a removable lid for easy filling. Listen for its whistle to signal that your water is boiling. 

  • Made of Stainless Steel, Acacia Wood and Silicone
  • 8” L x 6.75” W x 8.75” H
  • Hand wash; dry immediately
  • Designed by Steve Cozzolino



            • DESIGNER: Steve Cozzolino
            • YEAR DESIGNED: 2018
            • OVEN SAFE: no
            • DISHWASHER SAFE: no
            • MATERIAL TYPE: Stainless Steel



            • About The Designer:

            In fulfilling the Nambé dedication to great design we have assembled an award winning team of designers.

            Based in New York City, the focus of Cozzolino Studio is the fusion of art and science-the synergy of form and function, poetry and technology, appearance and performance. To coalesce beauty with technology, to achieve a sensibility and innovation that is empathetic to the consumer and, above all, elevates our lives on a daily basis.

            The beauty of his design work is creating memorable experiences that engage the senses through fluid and sensual form, treating everyday objects as unique sculptural art and fashion for the table top.

            Steve Cozzolino earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from the University of Notre Dame and established Cozzolino Studio in 2006. Steve has been published in Fortune Magazine's "Top 25 Products of the Year" in 2003, ID Magazine, won ID Magazine's "Design Distinction", the "Good Design" Award, Appliance Magazine's "Best of", and has received numerous design patents.