Microplane 48716 Herb Mill 2-in-1, Green


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  • Garnish Like a Pro: The Herb Mill is a kitchen tool for creating the perfect minced fresh herbs to sprinkle over dishes to finish plating. With this kitchen gadget a quick twist delivers well minced herbs.
  • Scissor Like Cutting; This cooking utensil acts like herb scissors but with a twist! When the two made in USA stainless steel blades interact the herbs are trimmed into uniformly minced pieces. The cutting, versus tearing action improves the flavor and intensifies the aroma.
  • Also a Herb Stripper: Pull your leafy herbs through the right sized hole to quickly remove the leaves from the stem. De-stemming herbs keeps woody stems and pieces from interfering with the texture of the final output.
  • Clear Container: Everyone likes to see what they are doing. This cooking gadget lets you see how fast the herbs are being minced! With a clear view, it is easy to tell when to add more herbs.
  • Easy to Clean and Easy to Reassemble: Dishwasher safe, the chefs tool is easy to take apart, rinse, clean and reassemble. The made in USA blades are ultra sharp. Best results when using patted dry clean fresh herbs.