Microplane 48712 Veggie Wedgie Slicer, Green


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  • 6 WEDGES; more wedges is better for crisper frying and more dipping, the built in stainless steel blades, are tucked away to keep hands safe. The angled blades are there to reduce the amount of pressure needed to push the vegetable through the cylinder
  • EGGS, TOMATOES, KIWIS! The list goes on with foods you can slice with a veggie wedgie. Use to create carrot sticks, and zucchini wedges to take to lunch, or put out as a healthy snack. This kitchen tool makes it simple to slice foods into wedges - just watch the size, smaller diameter foods fit the best.
  • ZUCCHINI FRIES ANYONE? Cut a small zucchini in half, and then place in the vegetable slicer, push the plunger down, and out pops 6 zucchini wedges. Follow a recipe for baking or deep frying, and you will be amazed at how often you want to eat zucchini - especially with less carbs than potatoes.
  • GREAT for KIDS: Let the kids fix their own healthy snack, they can have fun and be safe, when cutting carrots, cucumbers, eggs, and fruits like kiwi and strawberries. It just takes hand eye coordination. If it is fun to do, kids will want to do it and then studies show if they prepare food themselves, they eat it!
  • EASY TO HOLD and CLEAN: This item has a soft touch grip and the size makes it easy to hold- but it does require 2 hands. The item can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for cleaning. The materials used are BPA free.