Microplane 41151 Blade Butter Spreader, Red


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  • Patented and Spreads Hard Cold Butter: Using the holes located in the edge of the blade, just glide the blade at a slight angle across the hard butter. As the knife crosses the butter, it forms butter ribbons that soften immediately for spreading. Spread the softened strands of butter onto toast, or bread. Patent number: D 822,444
  • Butter Curls-For Pretty Presentations: Want to garnish a roll, or pancakes, with a cute butter curl? Do so like a pro, simply pull the tip of the blade ata 45 degree angle across the butter as you pull a curl of butter will form.
  • Slice Exact Measurements: The top edge of the blade slices through the paper wrapped around butter. The tool is sized wide enough to use with different sizes of butter sticks.
  • Use with Cream Cheese: Not only for butter, this tool can work with cream cheese and other soft cheeses.
  • Reusable Cover and Dishwasher Safe: This tool comes with a plastic reusable cover, simply slide on the cover to store this kitchen gadget in your knife or silverware drawer. Completely dishwasher safe and made with BPA-free plastic