Microplane 36531 Eat Fresh Set Avocado Tool & Twist and Zest (3-Piece)


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  • 3 pc Prep Set: Avocado Tool, Twist and Zest and Guacamole recipe card
  • Avoid Avocado Hand; the concave 3 prong pitter sits at the bottom of the handle, simply press the prongs into the pit and then twist. The pit will loosen and pull out.
  • Citrus Juicer: Also known as a reamer, the citrus juicer is made of a hard clear plastic with classically styled ridges to maximize the amount of juice extracted from citrus fruits like lemons, limes and even grapefruit. Pull the citrus reamer off, to expose the original zesting blade.
  • Make Twists & Garnishes: Included on the base of the handle, under a protective cover, is a channel knife. Decorate your baked goods with a little twist of lemon rind for a professional look.
  • Slice Safely; The blade edge is sharp enough to pierce the avocado skin, but not your hand. Place the tip of the blade into the skin, and rotate around the outside of the avocado to cut in half.