Kai AP0163ENG Serrated Knife Sharpener, White


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Now you can maintain your Kai wide and reversed Scallop serrated knives at home. The serrated pull-through sharpener is designed to be used with Kai Cutlery with serrations, such as bread knives and ultimate utility knives. Gently pull the knife through the sharpening slot and you'll return your serrated knives to top performance. Ideal for pure Komachi 2, pure Komachi HD, Luna, wasabi, and inspire.

  • Manual pull-through knife sharpener for serrated and scalloped blades
  • Features ceramic beads to conform to the shape of the knife's serrations to hone and resharpen
  • Made for right or left-handed use
  • Non-slip handle to maintain a secure grip while sharpening
  • Features a blade Builder and non-skid base to prevent incorrect sharpening
  • material_type:Plastic